A session with Bioré charcoal self-heating mask

I absolutely love face-masks. It is my go-to skin pampering routine. It does not matter if am wearing a face mask and working on my research as long as am indulging in the act of self-care. I do not by any stretch of imagination mean to say that self-care is limited to skin care, pedicure or a massage. To me self-care is anything you do to set aside time for yourself and make yourself your priority. The most important thing is that it has to be self-initiated. It requires breaking away from everything else to focus on one thing – you and your wellness. Much of what we do may help us function but what we need is that which helps us flourish. Self-care is also not a one-time thing. It is a habit, a constant loop of little things that together make you feel a sense of calm and bring out the best in you – emotionally, physically and mentally. And as long as you are taking steps to ensure that, you are fine as there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

One of these little habits for me is applying a face-mask. I love trying new face masks. I have a combination (dry on cheeks and ok on T-zone) kind of sensitive skin that is prone to break outs when I use certain very strongly scented products. I am yet to figure that out but I have been kind of lucky with face masks. When I was in the US for a few months earlier this year, I ordered the Bioré charcoal self-heating one minute mask off Amazon. I had forgotten to take my usual Himalayan charcoal face mask by Bodyshop (one of my favourites for exfoliation and cleansing) and when I saw this on Amazon, I thought of giving it a shot. I loved it enough to buy a back-up pack before I returned. I have tried the single use packs that come in a small package.

There are 4 sachets in one pack. The instructions are to apply the mask on a wet face (as it is activated by water). You apply the mask (you can add some water to it, it is quite a thick paste) with dry fingers (you can use a brush if you want to). You then massage for a minute and wash it off completely with water. My favourite part is as I massage, the mask heats up and it leaves a fantastic sensation on the face as you work your fingers on it. I do not feel any tingling sensation. On washing however, I feel like my skin feels super fresh and weirdly, very minty and cool. I also love how smooth and clean it feels. This mask does not brighten my skin (it does not claim to either) but I love its effect on the texture and the way my skin feels nourished and clean. I do not have a lot of visible pores but everyone has them and I feel this helps clear them all up. I then pat dry and follow-up with my moisturiser. The product does say it is hypoallergenic, so that is good for sensitive skin types like mine. I wish I had bought more of these.

Have you tried this mask? Would love to hear any similar recommendations. I have not seen these in the UK but if I do, I will definitely repurchase them.

P.S. The post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own after having tried 5 sachets of this product.