Who is Piyu?

Piyu lives in the UK having completed her PhD from sunny Singapore, having worked at the intersection of cognitive psychology and computer science and children. She is pretty passionate about it so that had to be said first. She is perpetually fascinated by the people and events around her, especially kids. She does not get annoyed by their questions and often finds herself baby-sitting (without regrets of course).  She is half talkative and half a recluse, so you cannot be really sure of what to expect. Unpredictable, that is what she is. She sometimes takes the risk of being a risk-taker but can also be a good planner if she sets her heart into it (and all the heavenly bodies align, of course). She loves reading anything except horror and that includes the print on cereal boxes. She sings and vainly records her voice and bothers her family with her renditions. But she is also blessed with a great family who puts up with all this, so yeah, some people do get everything. She loves watching Netflix and its amazing documentaries and is a victim of the Netflix-bug. She loves a bit of TLC and you will find her talk about it now and then. She likes learning new things, the latest being knitting and one cannot be too sure of what may catch her fancy by the time you finish reading this sentence. She really is a want-to-try-it-all person. Except, sky-diving of course. She is scared of heights and flights. Too bad for her because she wants to travel the world. So she makes do by chanting all the prayers, watching Big Bang Theory re-runs/ Pixar awesomeness and by wearing her lucky jeans. She loves her family and friends to bits and will do anything for them. Anything. She likes to cook and try different restaurants and cafes (boy does she love cafes), so don’t be surprised if you read a lot of those here. She is trying to make a wee little garden of her own and loves to grow vegetables and pretend like she is a farmer. Don’t tell her otherwise and break her heart coz’ that maybe not as easy to grow as the methi and pudina that seem to be flourishing. She loves shopping and queer quaint shops that sell old books. She loves buying pre-loved books and snooping around to see if they have left any notes and then spend an hour imagining where they are, what they might be like and whether she can find them. She can get extremely chatty on taxi rides and likes making friends with elderly people. She isn’t all sugar this one, she has a bit of temper and can be highly opinionated on some issues. She takes on way more than she can handle in peace and has a perpetual problem in saying no. She is working on it.

Hop on the bandwagon as she takes you through her life and times.