Food and Stories around it

Jam thumb-print cookies – Who can resist a crumbly buttery cookie with a pocket of jam and rolled in toasted nuts that beckons to you? I share a simple recipe of how I made this.

A chilly evening with chilli – chauli – A versatile idea and a recipe to put those soya chunks and black eyed peas to some delicious use for example but it could really be anything you fancy!

Eating through this winter – I share little moments of magic around some of our winter plates from 2019.

Gobi Manchurian a.k.a Gopi Manjoori – a small trip to a favourite street food stall and a recipe

Eating at “The Eagle” in Cambridge – an accidental discovery

Haryana Dal Maharani – I share a little recipe as I embark on a little journey to discover the different dals of India.

A 4 PM affair – re-living fond memories with my favourite people and a few words.

Ragi huri hiTTu unDe – a sweet trip down the memory lane and a longing.